Welcome to the Global Education Office, Graduate School of Education, Kyoto University!



Kyoto University’s Graduate School of Education has reorganized its structure in the academic year 2018 and now has one major, Interdisciplinary Studies in Education, in the graduate program. As part of this transformation, the Global Education Office comes into existence in April 2018 as a liaison to bind the school together for a shared mission to challenge social and human issues related to education we face in fast-changing today’s world.


Global Education Office is situated as an interdisciplinary research and education hub in the Graduate School of Education. A primary purpose of the Office is not only to play a role as a point of contact to international partners, but also to academically pursue new challenges in education and disseminate research progress and findings to domestic and international audience.


Global Education Office has two major functions. The Creative Research and Development Branch is primarily responsible for developing Japanese models of education cultures and responding to new innovative areas in research. The International Education Branch supports development and implementation of global education curricula, in addition to promoting collaborations in research and education with international partners.