The Global Education Office is pleased to present the "Writing Retreat," designed to offer 
graduate students an optimal environment for focused English paper writing.

  A “retreat” is an opportunity to step away from daily routines, allowing for deep self-reflection and concentrated personal time for writing. Universities in Europe and the United States frequently organize writing retreats for the purpose of writing theses and academic papers.

  Are you seeking uninterrupted time to dedicate to your paper? If you find your writing often interrupted by daily academic responsibilities and tasks, we invite you to join us. During the retreat, two facilitators will be available for consultations regarding your writing journey. Both have previous experience in facilitating and participating in writing retreats. If you would like to register, please apply using the Application Form.

Details of the Writing Retreat:
Date:  November 10 (Fri.) – 12 (Sun.), 2023
Location:  Takashima City, Shiga Prefecture

  • Professor Emmanuel Manalo, Cognitive Psychology in Education Chair: Prof. Manalo’s primary research focus is on thinking skills.
  • Laura Ormes, Research Associate and Instructor at the Department of Educational Sciences, University of Oldenburg, Germany. She specializes in the effective use of visualization methods for learning, particularly Sketch Noting.

Eligibility:  Open to master’s/doctoral students of the Graduate School of Education actively working on articles or book chapters in English. Applicants are highly encouraged to aim for submission or publication by the end of the academic year.
Capacity:  Limited to 10 participants
Fees:  Transportation and accommodation will be provided by the Global Education Office.
Application Deadline:  September 29, 2023 (Friday)  (Note: Applications will close upon reaching maximum capacity)

Important Notes:

  • Midway withdrawal is not permitted; participants are expected to attend the entire event.
  • Please submit the following two items to the Manalo Lab by Tuesday, October 31:

1.Written manuscript of at least 1500 words, preferably of the Introduction of the article or book chapter (but other parts – for example, the Method – are also acceptable)

2.Article or Book Chapter Structure Plan

  • Following the retreat, we request a brief monthly report on your article writing progress to the Manalo Lab.
  • Participants’ comments and results will be anonymized and possibly used for research purposes.
  • When submitting your work for publication or an academic journal, please inform the Global Education Office.

Fumika Takezawa